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    Ellie D

    I would spend ~$100 on an umbrella stroller if it was really nice, but I’d rather win this one!

    Stefanie W

    I have been looking at this very stroller & very interested in purchasing it! I would definetly invest in an uppababy stroller because they are such great quality!!


    I love your vlogs. This was my go-to site for what still is my first year as a mom and it has helped me in many situations.

    Chau N

    I would spend around $100 or less depending of the specs.

    Liberty T.

    We are considering umbrella strollers now and I think we have set our limit at $200.

    Christina H

    I think our budget would cover up to $150 for an umbrella stroller.

    Casey H

    I would spend up to $200 depending on how light and easy to use it was compared to other strollers. I feel like it’s worth the price because after the kiddo fits in the umbrella stroller I think it will get more use than having to haul around the whole travel system stroller.

    kyler j

    I WOULD LOVE TO WIN THIS :] My baby tytan would love it!

    Melina P.

    I wouldn’t spend too much on a stroller. I would prefer to shop online for trades or swaps. In our budget… I might spend $50 on a stroller. Knowing that they are super useful and helpful for parents!

    leah wall

    I’d probably spend 50 – 75$ on an umbrella stroller. I’ve spent less before and they just fall apart.


    I would spend up to 200 depending on how long you can use it and the quality!


    I wold probably spend $75 on a good stroller. I bought one of the cheap ones and it turned out to be a waste so next time I would definitely invest more.

    Cassandra Eastman

    I would spend $150 – $200 if it had an easy fold, decent storage basket, recline and easy push!

    Ariadna Leon

    I would love an umbrella stroller for my soon to be baby 🙂

    kristen mcclary

    i have honestly never paid more then 25 bucks for an umbrella storller

    Kristin Welch

    I wouldn’t want to invest anymore than $100 into an umbrella stroller… Well, let me re-phrase that! I would love to be able to buy an umbrella stroller regardless of cost, but our budget would only allow one that’s under $100!


    I would invest $ 50-75 on an umbrella stroller


    I would invest $ 50-75 on an umbrella stroller.


    what a great umbrella stroller! i’ll probably spend max of 100 though as i already have another stroller….

    Jane Smith

    I would spent $150-$200 if it had everything I wanted and was great quality and most importantly light!


    I would spend up to $150 for a nice umbrella stroller.

    Adrienne Williamson

    I would spend up to $50 on an umbrella stroller


    I would spend $100 or less. As a first time mom, this looks great!

    Melissa Teears

    I would spend up to $100. I’m looking for quality in an umbrella stroller.


    I’d spend up to $50 on a good umbrella stroller. My Britax B-Agile folds pretty small as it is.


    I would spend up to $180 if it’s a really really great stroller that I love


    I’d pay $100 for something really light.

    Ben S

    I would spend $100 on an umbrella stroller if I felt it kept my baby safe and made my wife happy!


    I would spend about $150 but may pay more if there is a significant needed difference


    I would spend $100 on an umbrella stroller especially if it reclines!


    It would depend on the features, but I don’t think I’d spend more than $250 on an umbrella stroller.

    Hector O

    I would invest about $100 in an umbrella stroller that had good reviews.


    We have the UPPAbaby Vista and love it! My only complaint is that it is bulky and heavy. I’ve been looking at the umbrella stroller as a lighter option, but the ones I’ve seen are cheaply made. The G-Lite looks perfect. I would spend about $100 on an umbrella stroller.

    Kim C

    I would invest 50-75 on an umbrella stroller because of our budget. I would love to win this though!

    Sonya Morris

    I may spend $100 on a good umbrella stroller.

    Deborah Gardner

    I would spend around $100 on a good quality umbrella stroller!

    Kate D

    I would spend up to $250. Uppababy is my favorite stroller brand!

    Julia V

    I would spend 100$ max, but I would make sure to get a durable stroller that can last for a couple of years!


    I would probably spend $80-$100 for one