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    When picking out the stroller, I will admit, I do go for look… but I also keep functionality, how easy it is to maneuver around, and how easy it is to open and close,


    My husband always picks out the stroller. He “needs” cup holders and to make sure he has enough room so he doesn’t kick the basket underneath. Watching him shop for one is hilarious!


    In hindsight I would have purchased a stroller that converts to a double for when baby no. 2 arrives. I wasn’t planning on having 2 kids under the age 1! I prefer a stroller that’s lightweight and has a huge accessible basket. I also like the idea of seat covers because it’s an easy clean process and a console that holds a cup, keys, & a phone is also a must!


    For infants, I like the travel system type of stroller so I don’t have to disturb the baby by taking her in and out of her carseat all the time, but those types are REALLY heavy and bulky. For my toddler, I chose a lightweight stroller with a large basket (a MUST HAVE) underneath for my purse and miscellaneous, cupholders by the handles, and a tray with a cupholder across the front for him. A lot of the lightweight strollers out today don’t have that tray across the front, which is too bad because I really like that feature for when he gets hungry and needs a snack. I can’t remember the brand I have, but I won’t be buying this one again because the wheels DO NOT roll easily, especially with a 30 lb. kid in the seat. The wheels often get turned the wrong direction when I have to change directions or back up and then I have to lift up the front of the stroller so the front wheels come off the ground and pivot back into the correct position. Such a pain! I don’t really pay much attention to style. I like neutral colors. The most important for me is that it’s lightweight, with the features I mentioned, and easy to maneuver.


    Hi, I am a Mom of 10 and I have had several strollers, and all the previous strollers that I have had the tires squealed while I was in the mall which brought attention to you,so I wanted a stroller that was smooth and quiet. I also have 10 kids so I am allways busy, and I need to have a stroller that opens and closes easily, but even for the Mom who only has 1 or 2 your hands are full so the easy open easy close just makes it easier on MOM.
    I also wanted a stroller with storage space.
    I found that the Baby Jogger City Mini had everything that I wanted and more…

    amanda carney

    when shopping for a stroller, i look at how functional and how practical it is. and i am one of those people that love to have all the features but i dont want to spend tons of money. ours has a big basket, two cup holders for the parent, a compartment by the cup holders for your phone, wallet, whatever, a cup holder and snack compartment for the child, and it lays down for the child to nap in. it is a travel system. we dont do much little running around to get a lighter stroller. we really only use the stroller for trips to the zoo, trips to the mall, and the occasional walk around the neighborhood. we will be retiring this stroller soon though. i really want a double stroller for our kids- a 2 yr old and a 4 month old. right now, when we goto the zoo, 2 year old is in a wagon and little one is in the stroller/car seat. since we’re looing at a double stroller, the things i want is not side by side seats, i want one in front of the other. and i dont want the sit and stand. my 2 yr old would NOT stand there very well. and once again, i dont want to pay an arm and a leg for it. getting my husband to pay 250 for one will be hard enough!


    I’m looking now for a lightweight combination stroller. I want something to be able to go from the car straight to the stroller without waking the baby. It also needs to be able to fold easily and have plenty of pockets for storage. Oh-and look nice too 🙂

    Melissa graham

    I look for a seat that folds back flat so baby can lay down, good maneuverability(sometimes you need to enlist a friends kid to test this out), strollers act different with weight in them, and fold ability.


    What I look for in a stroller is comfort for the girls and myself (cup holders that actually fit my water bottle) smooth handling and llight weight 🙂


    I look for lightweight with style and a smooth ride. I don’t have to give up style just because I’m a mommy of 2 under 2!

    Emily Keyes

    I look for a lightweight stroller that is smooth and has great style. I shouldn’t have to give up on style because I’m a mommy of 2 under 2!


    Hi. I was wondering if you could do a side by side of the B-Ready and the Vista. I live in an area where neither if available to see in person and can only be purchased online. I’ve done lots of research on features, but I think I need a visual side by side to help with my decision. I have a smaller than average 3 year old and 1 year old so I think both will work. My main concern is size of the stroller and how it handles because I’m only 5 feet. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

    Melissa Lawrence

    There should be specs in the videos — look carefully at the handlebars — I think if you can afford it probably the Vista will be a terrific bet. xo M

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