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    Thank you for showing the correct way to position baby’s legs and bum!! So many don’t realize how important that froggy position is for their hips. Beautiful carrier, would love to own one for baby #2.


    This video is so helpful! I’ll be a first time mom so navigating the world of baby carriers (especially wraps and slings) without any experience is kind of tough, even with all the reviews out there. Nice to be able to visualize how to use it! 🙂 And like Laura said, thanks for the clarification on positioning baby’s legs and bum! I’ll definitely be pinning this for future reference.

    Vanessa McNeil

    My daughter loves being worn, so I would love to win this Sakura Bloom ring sling! Thank you for the chance!


    If I won this I would donate it to a Mother in need!


    This sling looks awesome! I think my sister in law would love it!
    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com
    Ashley C

    Erica Westmoreland

    We’ve tried the Moby wrap, but my little one doesn’t love it and I would love to try a ring sling with him!

    Kay Saunders

    I have never thought of trying a ring sling. I think it would be fun to give this a try 🙂

    Theresa Hover

    What a great video! I’m new to babywearing, and it can be really intimidating to make sure I’m doing it right and that baby is safe. I would love to win this for when our first little one arrives!

    sherry Blamer

    This ring sling looks great. It looks very easy to use.


    Thank you for the blogpost and video. I absolutelly love babywearing!


    I was just looking at these the other day- sooo in love. They are so beautiful and simple. Thanks for the positioning info Melissa.

    Danielle T.

    I’m looking for a great ring sling and this just might be it! Thank you for your review on it and all of your YouTube videos. I love watching them!


    The Sakura Bloom ring sling was recommended by my local babywearing group. You can’t beat the ease of use and convenience.


    this carrier looks great! thanks for the giveaway!

    Laura Cooper Gaither

    This is beautiful! Thank you for the great video tutorial, and the giveaway!

    Lindsey Ann Khatri

    The carrier is so pretty! I would love this for my youngest! Babywearing really saves us on busy days!

    april proveaux

    I’d love this to use with my baby that is due next month!!

    Ashley Nicole

    I would love this for #2, coming next month, to keep him close as I chase after big sis!


    My first grandchild will be here soonly and I would love to have a sling so we can go for walks….or just to hold him even closer to me.

    Sarah Garcia

    What a great opportunity to win a SB! Thanks!