Little Kids Fighting in Public: What To Do?

My kids fight in public, it just happens.  I always hope it won’t, but it does.  It’s humiliating and embarrassing and mortifying and I hate it.  But it does happen.

I spend so much time talking to them about respecting others and behaving well in public that I think I almost take it as a personal insult when they argue or fight over something front of others.  I feel like, what on Earth did I go through all that trouble for if now they behave like this?  Ugh!  I think it’s incredibly frustrating to me, and that therefore I overreact.

little kids fightingPin for later!

Handling Sibling Conflicts in Public

A recent traumatic experience on a plane taught me a lesson about handling my own personal reactions to my kids’ public fights.  I learned that NOT REACTING is probably better for me than trying to intervene and stop the fight.  Watch here for my crazy incident in the skies and for what I learned.

Weigh in below: how do you handle brothers and sisters fighting in public?  What are your strategies and tips?

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