Why I’m Happy to Visit My OB-GYN Post-Baby

Visiting OB-GYNs can evoke all sorts of emotions, but one wouldn’t normally associate a visit to the OB-GYN with feelings of happiness if you’re not expecting. I just read a very accurate and hilarious (seriously, if you need a good laugh, read this – you’ll know exactly what she’s talking about!) guest post from Christie Tate on the Scary Mommy blog, and she talks all about going to the OB-GYN when you are no longer expecting. I’m right there with you, Christie. If you’re not an expectant mother, a trip to the OB-GYN is a completely different ballgame.

Why I'm Happy to Visit My OB-GYN Post-Baby

Why is visiting an OB-GYN post-baby filled with mixed emotions?

Reminiscing on my pregnancies with my five children, I can remember exactly how I felt whenever I walked into the OB-GYN office as an expectant mother. I felt like the big fish and I felt like I had priority, which became more and more true as I got further into my pregnancy. I would go in for all sorts of appointments, my husband often joining me, and we would be overwhelmed with excitement about meeting our new baby. I felt like I became a part of the office, and I even had a close relationship with my OB. We would talk like old friends, and we’d chat about the baby, what holiday plans we had, and what kind of yogurt we preferred for our children. Now, sitting in the office and looking at all of these new mommies makes me wonder what I’m even doing there! Instead of going to the doctor to hear good news, I go to the doctor praying that they don’t tell me that something is wrong, or that I’m approaching menopause. And on top of that, I don’t feel like the Queen Bee anymore. It’s almost depressing! Do any mommies who are over their baby-making days feel the same as I do?

With that being said, I have to say that visiting the OB-GYN does make me happy, too. I absolutely love getting to see my OB again every time I go – it almost feels like a reunion because I missed him after my babies were born!  It’s also kind of exciting to look around and see the excitement on the faces of new parents, and it’s almost a rite of passage to watch them go through the same things that I went through during my pregnancies. I guess you could say it’s just very bittersweet.

It kind of feels like the OB-GYN office is divided into two groups – expectant mothers and postmenopausal women/women who are over their childbearing days. Stop by and watch my video to hear more about my thoughts on the topics. Mommies, do you ever feel sad going back to the OB-GYN when you aren’t expecting? Or does it make you happy? Share your thoughts!