Dealing With Mean Kids: Meanness vs Bullying

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A few people have asked me to do a video on bullying.  In the past, I’ve shied away from tackling the issue of bullying because it is so significant and because I of course am not an expert of any sort.  However, since the question keeps coming back, I’ve decided to do two vlogs on the issue: one on what to do when a friend’s kid is mean to yours, and another on my family’s experiences with bullying.

Dealing With Mean Kids: Meanness vs Bullying

Forms of Bullying

I do think that just as there are different forms of bullying behavior, there are levels of meanness.  As a parent, figuring out when you need to get involved is tough.  In my experience, one mean comment or action does not necessarily constitute bullying.  Sometimes kids can say mean things to each other and then turn around and be kind and friendly.  My tendency is to try not to march into my kid’s camp or school the second I hear about one random mean comment because I do want my kids to learn how to fight their own battles.

However, in my experience — which I go into in another vlog — any signs of bullying behavior need to be directly addressed right away.

Dealing with a Mean Comment

Then, of course, there are those mean comments that are so hurtful and cruel that they need to be addressed right away.

In this video, I talk about these tricky issues of meanness and bullying and how I might react if a friend’s child did or said something really mean to my kid – something that I didn’t think could be ignored.

Have any of you experienced these issues? Please share below.  Your input could really help other parents who are struggling.  

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