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    I’ve been dealing with “meanness” from both my boys who are 2 and 5, almost 3 and 6. It has been escalating as I think my 5 year old has been very jealous and feels left out ever since his little brother was born. I try my hardest to give my 5 year old his own time with me without my other son around but it doesn’t seem to matter how much undivided attention I give him, he still says means things to us and his little brother. He is a very sensitive boy and is very smart so he knows just what to say or do to push everyone’s buttons when he is upset. I have tried talking to him, time outs and taking things away but it hasn’t improved. And now it has taught my little guy how to be mean and he has also started saying these mean things. I am trying to persist with emphasizing what they are doing is not acceptable and I hope it will subside.
    I think what you did was absolutely the right thing. It, obviously, made an impact as your daughter acknowledged her wrong doing later on. I wish it was that easy with older kids. I feel toddlers can be more easily persuaded to see why something is inappropriate and older kids use it more as a way for attention which is more difficult to correct.
    If you have any suggestions of how to deal with meanness in older children please let me know!


    I think what you did was right. A child shouldn’t continue to receive privileges when they are not respecting the family those privileges come from.
    I am sure she has figured out not to say unnice things.