5 Tips for Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolution

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Let’s talk about a very relevant subject this time of year – New Year’s Resolutions. How many times have you set the goal of getting organized, eating healthier, or hitting the gym, and eventually become so overwhelmed you’ve dropped the resolution halfway through January? Don’t feel bad…I’ve totally been there! Hopefully, with these tips, this year will be the year your resolutions stick!

5 Tips for Sticking to your New Year's Resolution

1. Put it in words – It’s great to think about a resolution, but there’s something about physically writing it in a journal or calendar that really commits you to it.  Write down not only the specific goals you would like to achieve, but a detailed plan, and five or so reasons why you are pursuing this resolution. Designate a certain time of day each day to work on these small steps. Along with writing down your goals, use a tracking system and be honest with yourself on how far you’ve gotten by the end of each month. A dream board or motivation board in a visible spot in the house can work wonders too. Cover it with pictures and motivational words that will inspire you each morning when you wake up!

2. Make it realistic Forcing yourself to do too much work in too little time will inevitably overwhelm you and you’ll never get the results you’ve worked for. Instead, keep smaller, attainable goals. For instance, if your goal is to be healthier in the New Year, try to wean yourself off of one type of junk food each week or start by taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work. Then, each week, ramp up the intensity a small increment. Your body will get in the habit without realizing it!

3. Have a Plan B (and C!) – You’re bound to find some obstacles along the way. If your goal is to get fit, these hurdles can range from a delicious plate of donuts at the office meeting to the local gym unexpectedly closing. Be ready for any of life’s curve balls with alternate plans. For instance, you can instead bring a handful of nuts or some fresh fruit to munch on and take the stairs the whole day if you can’t make your workout that night. Be creative and keep reminding yourself that it will all be worth it in the end!

4. Spread the word – I always find that when I’m trying to achieve a goal, it makes it so much easier to communicate with friends and family. Share your resolutions with loved one who are sure to have your back when things start to feel overwhelming or impossible. You might even find a buddy who wants to work out too or share healthy eating tips along the way; these are the people who can help you reach your full potential!

5. Be Kind to Yourself – Focus on the positives, no matter how small! Wake up with a plan in mind on how you’re going to tackle the day ahead. And to keep track, I like writing post-it notes and hanging them around my home office to show off the little achievements I’ve managed that day. For example, if your goal was to lose the post baby weight in 2016, one post-it note could be “I drank 6 glasses of water during the day” or “I took the stairs all day.” Know that you’re bound to make some mistakes along the way, but you shouldn’t get too caught up in the negatives! You know best how to motivate yourself, so be sure to reward yourself when you reach one of your goals to keep yourself on track! You got this, Mamas!!

5 Tips for Sticking to Your New Year's Resolution

Hope these tips help everyone with their resolutions! Here’s to a new and improved YOU this year!