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    I use my instant hot faucet, near boiling water, to reheat Breastmilk in bags, do you know why it’s not safe? I’ve only heard microwaving changes the properties in Breastmilk but didn’t know why boiling water was bad? And what about unused Breastmilk still left in the bags and not in the bottle can that be restored in the refrigerator and reheated again?

    Melissa Lawrence

    HI Linh, this issue had me totally freaked as well. For a long time, I would take a bag of milk out of the freezer, boil water, put the bag in the water, and then pour it into a bottle. I then learned that the AAP and other sources don’t want the milk exposed to such extreme heat, they say LUKEWARM water. Here is what I’ve found though: it defrosts more quickly than you would think. I also think the best thing is to try and anticipate when the baby is going to be having the bottle, to take that milk out of freezer and put in fridge, and then do the final defrost in the lukewarm water… LMK what you think, thanks! M


    I’m glad to see you give “recommended” advice and then “real-world” reality. You are a very genuine lady!

    I believe your suggestion about making the least amount at a time is key, key, key. I was a throw away-er out of fear and guilt. Heating more was never a bother; rather that then throwing away too much! Now, I have a two year old to alleviate any extras.

    My WORST experience was accidently leaving my entire day’s supply in my pump-bag cooler!!! I was going to school full time and working part time. When I went to put my ice packs in the next day my milk was still there from the day before!!! I was devastated. At the time I was almost day-to-day with my supply; being away from my baby almost everyday. It made it super tight, but I NEVER was that careless EVER again!

    Keep your vlogs a’comn’! They are always a joy! See ya on facebook or pinterest!

    Melissa Lawrence

    OMG that exact same thing happened to me once. I left the milk all night in the cooler and had to throw it out the next day. I am sure I cried, it was awful!! Thank you so much for everything you write, I can’t tell you how much it means to me!!! xo Melissa


    I have a 3 month old son and just this past week he’s gotten more finicky with his eating schedule (which I think may be due to a growth spurt). I tend to breastfeed at every meal except first thing in the morning, when I give him 4 ounces of pumped milk with the Vitamin D supplement added to the bottle.
    Two days ago, my son became disinterested in the bottle after 2 ounces. I tried to encourage him to finish the bottle but after 15 minutes I just gave up and moved onto playtime. About 30 minutes later he was beginning to fuss, and show signs of fatigue, so I took the remaining 2 ounces of milk and replaced the bottle’s nipple and then offered him the bottle back. He finished the two ounces then.
    I wasn’t sure if replacing the nipple was necessary but I had heard that it was discouraged to reuse bottled breastmilk due to increased bacteria. I thought changing out the nipple might decrease some of that bacteria.
    Thank you so much for posting such fantastic videos! I’ve been watching your videos since I was 7 months pregnant and they’ve been so helpful! I’ve also shared your blog with some of my girlfriends, who are also pregnant for the first time. Thank you!!