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    Dear Cloudmum,

    Is it safe to combine refrigerated milk throughout the day, into one storage bag, then only freezing it at the end of the day?

    Thank you.


    hi Melissa!

    after defrosting the stored breast milk and once it is at the room temperature.
    Can we put it in microwave for 20 seconds so that milk becomes warm?

    I think directly breastfed milk is slightly warmer due to our body temperature and the baby might like warm milk more.
    am not sure about this just a thought!

    – Swapna

    Melissa Lawrence

    NNNOOOOO! Breastmilk can NEVER from what I’ve learned be put in a microwave because the milk can get heated differently and have hot spots that are dangerous for the baby. You have to warm it in lukewarm water. M



    I have two questions about breast milk. I read the breast milk storage guideline and it says freeze milk immediately after pumping. When I breast pump, I sometimes get 2 oz on the left and 3 oz on the right or less or more. I put two first bottles in the fridge and wait for the next breast milk. After I get other second bottles, I put them in the fridge to become cold. Then I mix the first and second bottles together to make 4 oz each. Then pour in the storage bag and put them in the freezer. Is it still good? Or I am supposed to put them in the freeze immediately after pumping?

    Last, when I get the bottle out of the fridge, I shake it, but the breast milk guideline says I am not supposed to do that. I only need to gently swirl. How do I do that? Swirl by my hand or straw to swirl in the bottle?

    Thank you!