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    Growing up we didn’t always get to eat as at the table. My sister played ball and my mother worked so alot of times we were eating either at the game or in the car but when we were at home…we ate as a family. I especially loved the weekends. My grandmother lived down the street from us and she would fix a huge breakfast at least every other week (we would get to spend the night and help fix breakfast)
    Now that I have kids of my own, I try to make sure we eat as a family w/o the tv and no computers or cell phones (the phones is the hardest for my husband) We will play card games or 21 questions and talk about our day (and try not to complain lol) We do have family fun night where we try to rent a movie and play games and we have of We just rented the DW Kid movie for my eldest and we read books to Olivia..we made memories. Today we had a snow day so made tents and ate lunch in the living room.