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    Nichol Perez

    Make sure the baby is well fed and if on a schedule go when you know the baby will be asleep for at least 2 hrs. If the baby happens to wake up give bottle, burp , cover stroller with blanket and Rick back to sleep. By then you should be finished and ready to leave.

    Janice H.

    sure as long as mom feels up to it! they will mostly sleep through it. However, I wouldn’t take them out at night as it is much colder and restaurants are busier. I would pack the diaper bag w/ plenty of extras! extra clothes, bibs, bottles and formula. Your newborn will more than likely sleep through it. I would bring the links that hook onto the carrier and they should ammuse your newborn


    I have 8 grandkids ranging from 3 months to 9 yrs old and this would be a great outing I LOVE JOHNNY ROCKETS…

    Melissa Lawrence

    Congratulations, you are the winner of this giveaway! Thanks for commenting and I hope you enjoy your trip to Johnny Rockets with your grand-kids.

    Lori C.

    My suggestion would be to keep it short and simple, especially at first. Save the fine dining for when they are grown!


    We try to plan it where we can feed the babies after we order, then we can burp and snuggle so they are content or sleeping while we eat ourselves! Also lots of bibs and burp cloths in the diaper bag!


    We always try to plan their feeding right after we order, that way we can burp and snuggle so everyone is content or sleeping when we eat ourselves! Also lots of burp cloths and bibs in the diaper bag.

    Patty Raschel

    My suggestion is to go somewhere casual, well lit, and where it’s ok to get up and walk around with baby if necessary.


    Great ideas, besides you have to feel confident and not be scared to take out your baby out.
    Ryder need to learn how to adapt to the “uncommon”noises that they’re used to. That way when they grow up they are going to enjoy going out and they’re going to know how to behave at any type of restaurant.

    Yvette Rudolph

    We have gone out to dinner several times since our daughter was born! As a matter of fact her first Christmas was at a restaurant with my husband’s family


    Feed them, burp them and change their diapers before going anywhere; you can then enjoy a nice meal out as long as the baby is comfortable and taken care of.


    When my son was born I’d get highly ticked off that his Grandpa would take him into his workshop during nap time. Results – an exhausted, cranky, screaming baby. Until, he got used to it and slept right through it. I has no idea that his Grandpa was actually helping me to get my son used to loud noises that he had no trouble sleeping through. After that it was a joy to take my son anywhere.

    My advice is obvious… Condition your baby, go out when baby is ready for a nap, enjoy! 🙂


    Hello, I have a 6month old girl and if we want to go out to dinner, I make sure I feed her right before we go, and make sure to check her diaper and bring her favorite toy.& snaks..Since she is fed on our way there, she usually falls a sleep in her carseat and makes it so much eisier. Just in case she doesn’t sleep, her toy will keep her entertain and snacks will do. Thanks

    Joey Carnes

    Feed the baby BEFORE you go in. Hopefully, the little one will be asleep, and allow you to have a conversation while you are eating! 🙂


    My best tip is to feed your baby before you go, so that it will be relaxed and hopefully sleeping during the meal. Go somewhere where the service is quick and friendly, and no buffets or really loud music.

    Amanda Carney

    I think eating out with newborns is the easiest! I wasn’t very comfortable breast feeding in public, so we let our second daughter start bottles right after we came home. and thank goodness, she had no issues with confusion! so we would take a bottle or two with us in case she woke up. if she woke up, I’d just keep her in her car seat and feed her with my left hand while I ate with my right. just be prepared for anything!

    kathy dickens

    We did. I actually looked forward to it. A chance to get out of the house. I would pick a restaurant that is used to children crying though and not a very fancy restaurant (save that for when you have a babysitter) Go after nap time!! I would also dress the baby in their bed clothes if you go at night and take a spare outfit and a couple of bottles. Nothing worse than having a leaky bottle in the diaper bag and a fussy baby (been there) I love the Similac singles

    I would try going during the week when they are less crowded and your server should be too stessed out and impatient.

    One last thing, if you take the baby inside w/ the infant carrier, I would use the cover to keep people from waking the bundle of joy and keep the germs away.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Kathy dickens, these comments are really important, all of them, and I especially love the third tip!! Very important!

    Wendy Liu

    I *really* want to to take my baby out to dinner but have yet to do so and no offense but this post isn’t very helpful. I guess it’s just my own individual situation but dining out in the evenings just takes too much time. In the time it takes to put my baby in the carseat, find parking, go to the restaurant, wait for a table, order, eat, pay the bill and come home. I would have had dinner, pack the dishwasher, fed baby, pumped, put baby to sleep, gotten ready for bed. Also by the time the check comes it’s usually WAY past my bedtime. Going out to dinner just plain throws EVERYONE’S schedules off and in the end my whole family’s cranky.

    Lunch however has been *much* easier.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Wendy, what ever works for you! The video is just supposed to offer a few helpful tips — if you get more done at home, save your money and stay home!! xo M