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    bring extra snacks in case it takes a while for the food to come out


    Bring a few smartphones or other portable electronics!


    I would bring crayons and a coloring book so they can keep busy while waiting for the food to come.


    have toy or snack to entertain them before the food comes (or during when they get bored)

    Melissa Lawrence

    Congratulations Janice! You are the winner of this giveaway and we’ll be in touch about your prize. I totally agree — toys and snacks are key!


    Depending on your child, order more to share with your child or order less and share with the child

    Carol K

    Make sure the kids are well rested before you eat out, to minimize the meltdowns in the restaurant.


    For my four year old daughter we have her order her meal when we order our water/tea and ask that it comes out early. They typically bring it out around the time we would normally order our meal, allowing plenty of time for it to cool, and a happy kid who is not waiting forever for her meal to arrive. We also have a whole ‘restaurant bag’ fully of special toys that she only gets to play with when we go out to make the wait more fun.