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    We love to go caroling on Christmas Eve, then come back to the house for mulled cider, hot chocolate & Christmas cookies.

    Karen Medlin

    Have to have granny’s fruit cake and a box of chocolate cherries for each child


    For Chanukah my mom always made her own amazing yummy latkes. I make them just like her minus the hand grating of the potatoes….there is a little gadget called a food processor for shredding. But my mom doesn’t believe in that. She still grates her potatoes by hand every year.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Sharon, sometimes those are the little efforts that really make it so delicious!


    I wanted to laugh out loud when I saw your post…have you ever set anything a flame??

    I have too many times..and not on purpose.I have burnt my eyebrows twice while grilling.

    Anyway, We always opened up a Christmas present on Christmas Eve and we do that with our kids every year. It is so hard for them to pick which one to open.

    Melissa Lawrence

    My husband flames the glogg and I stand back scared! I barely have eyebrows so thank God I didn’t burn them — nice tradition — Merry Christmas Kathy!


    Before Christmas, my mom would dress in a white robe with a red sash and a head-wreath with candles and sing the Santa Lucia, a traditional Swedish holiday song. Then she would pass out home-baked cookies to all. We did this at home and also to friends and neighbors.

    Melissa Lawrence

    That’s what we did — we did Santa Lucia every year!


    I guess if this is a tradition. we always would get together with my cousins and grandparents for Christmas and I always looked forward to it. I would help my grandmother Christmas morning fix breakfast and always looked forward to it. With my children we save a special day to gather with our famiy to celebrate with each other

    Melissa Lawrence

    Shelley, that certainly counts as a lovely tradition in my book! Happy holidays and thanks for commenting! We’ll be picking our winner soon.


    We always watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade as a family!

    Melissa Lawrence

    The winner of this giveaway is Shelley — thank you all for commenting! Cheers and Happy New Year to all.


    I’m making your glogg for the first time. When do you put in the 2nd bottle of brandy?