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    I find bargains all through the year and stash. I am lucky that my family members don’t do the latest craze.

    Thomas Murphy

    To save money I shop during sales and use coupons.


    We ususally do word of mouth but when I do invitations I print them out myself and save money that way.

    For decorations, I do put a tree but I love bringing the outdoors inside. I love cutting some magnolia leaves and decorating with them and I use oranges and apples. Don’t forget to put some cloves in the oranges and the smell is wonderful

    Amanda Sakovitz

    I save money for the holidays by using cash back sites and online coupon codes.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Great ideas Amanda — congrats, you are the winner of this giveaway! Someone will be in touch with you about your prize soon. Happy New Year!


    I check the store ads in the Sunday paper every week and match those up with my Christmas shopping list.

    Lori C

    I don’t wait till the end of the year to buy Christmas presents. I watch for sales throughout the year for gifts I know my family will like.


    I find it easiest to do my holiday shopping online where I can compare sites to find the best prices. Free shipping is always a plus!


    We make homemade treats for everyone then pack them in Glad containers hand decorated with colorful sharpie markers.
    Our treat list:
    Chocolate dipped pretzels (white & dark)
    Butterfinger cookies (super easy recipe, yes I will share if asked)
    Gingerbread cookies
    Sugar cookies
    Cocoa dusted chex mix

    Karen Medlin

    Have a budget each month and we put a fixed amount back each month. I try to find bargains during the years,by checking out the clearance isles and putting gifts back, so there is no rush


    I shop at thrift stores for little things I need to add that extra touch.


    I do a lot of shopping online (almost all of it) and we usually have finger foods for meals. Everyone has so many places to go and ours is the last so we keep it light and we ask everyone to bring something. For decorations, I love candles and of course our tree

    Melissa Lawrence

    Hi Shelley, I love simple candles too and nice idea with the finger foods, what sorts do you make?

    Melissa Lawrence

    The winner of this giveaway is Amanda — thank you all for your comments and great tips! Hope you all enjoyed your holiday celebrations. XO.