Is Reheated Breast Milk Safe?

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A CloudMom viewer wrote in asking: can I reheat breastmilk?  That is, if my baby does not finish her bottle, can I take the remaining breast milk, store it, and then reheat the breast milk and give it to my baby later on?

Is Reheated Breast Milk Safe?
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What a great question!  In this video, I discuss what most doctors recommend which is that moms NOT heat breast milk, give it to the baby, then store it the leftover breast milk and and give that to the baby again.  Then, I talk about what common practice is for a lot of moms (and what I did).

Regardless, if you’re wondering how to heat up breast milk, check out these guidelines on how to store breast milk. 

What did you do with leftover breast milk in the bottle?  Did you toss it or did you reheat?

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