Increasing Milk Supply at 3 Months

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Hello everyone!  A mom wrote in worried that her 3 month old is not getting enough milk, asking me how to produce more breast milk.  I give my two cents in today’s video.

Since I did breastfeeding five babies for a combined total of 7 years, I feel confident saying that I had plenty of ups and downs.  There were many times i felt that I had NO MORE MILK.  When I continued to hydrate, keep my baby close, nurse, and pump, I would see that milk supply increase.  So, if nursing is a priority for you, trust me that there is a lot you can do to improve your breast milk supply.  Don’t give up.  Milk can go down and milk can go up.  This much I know to be true.

Increasing Milk Supply at 3 Months

How to Produce More Breast Milk

In today’ video, I offer some tips.  One of them has to do with breastfeeding and pumping, which in my view go hand and hand.  When my babies were young, I would pump for just a little bit after each time I nursed.  This helped to stimulate my breasts to produce milk and also allowed me to build up a nice little amount of frozen breast milk, which soothed my worries.

For more on this and other tips, please watch my video.  Breastfeeding moms, don’t give up.

Love, Melissa