Pumping After Breastfeeding Several Months In

Hi guys! Melissa here answering another great question from a YouTube viewer. Faithanne (love your name) is asking: can I start pumping after breastfeeding several months in? Love this question because I did exactly this with my second baby, when I first started following this technique of breastfeeding and pumping for a few minutes after each feed to build up a good milk supply.

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Pumping and Breastfeeding

When you’re a new mom, the notion idea of pumping and breastfeeding can strike you as completely exhausting, but for me it actually freed me up to spend more time with my other kids (because I could skip feedings now and then) and helped me relax over my milk supply. I’ve done a lot of videos on this issue because it really was one of the techniques that helped me most as a mom.

Faithanne, although I think starting from day 1 is a good idea if you can do it, in the vlog I explain how I definitely think pumping after breastfeeding is something you can begin to do after several months as well. You will see shifts and ups and downs in your milk supply, and starting to pump — even if it’s not from the get-go — in my experience helped me to maintain a good supply. So I would advise you to go ahead and try this! If you’re wondering how to breastfeed and pump in an efficient manner, here’s a video I did on this. Write me back and tell me whether it’s helped you too. Oh, and thanks so much for watching!