How to Increase Breastfeeding Milk Supply

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I get a lot of questions from new moms about their breastfeeding milk supply, including one from a member of the CloudMom community who has a newborn baby who was born on January 18th. Kelly writes that her milk came in with no problem and she began pumping breast milk as well as nursing, which I totally support!

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“I was pumping close to 9 ounces…even after she ate,” Kelly wrote. “Now it seems I can only pump about 3oz.”

Kelly wants to know if this is normal and to hear any suggestions about building up milk supply.

Watch this video for all my tips on how to assess and handle breastfeeding milk supply issues. Your nutrition while breastfeeding is key: in my book, the better you eat and drink, the better your body will be at producing more breast milk.

Do you have tips to share? Post them in the comments!

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