How to Swaddle with Arms Out

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As your baby grows, you might want to keep swaddling for her naps and nighttime sleeps, but to transition from the arms-in swaddle to the arms-out swaddle, which leaves her arms free so that she can suck on her fingers and self-soothe. With my babies, this actually helped them sleep for longer stints at night! In this video, I’ll explain to you step-by-step how to swaddle with the arms out using the good old hospital burp cloth! It really is the best for swaddling!

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How to Swaddle Your Baby

For a newbie baby, arms-in usually is best because it makes the baby feel totally secure, as if they are still in the womb. Now, they are recommending swaddling arms-out from the get-go. Double check with your doctor first!

I found that once my babies were really searching for their fingers and trying to break out of the swaddle with those little boxer arms, the swaddle with arms out was the best course to take. For more on how to swaddle your baby, keep watching!

How did you approach swaddling? Did you do an arms-out swaddle? Comment below with your experience!

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  • JennyF

    Hi! I love all the
    advice you give! I thought I’d share something that was a lifesaver for me when
    I transitioned our little girl out of the swaddle because for some reason doing
    the one arm out thing just wasn’t working for her… it was too much freedom and
    her one arm would get cold. I found this thing called the Zipadee-Zip and it
    was a lifesaver. Our daughter who literally wouldn’t sleep longer than 30
    minutes without her swaddle or with one arm out, slept 12 hours the first night
    in this thing! I though it might help some other moms who have this problem. I
    found it on because another mom recommended it in a forum I’m
    in on baby center. It made our swaddle transition no transition at all! I hope
    that helps someone out there 🙂