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    Wow, this makes me so angry! I used to work at a company that wouldn’t let me work from home if my child was sick. It sucked. With today’s technology, there’s no reason companies can’t offer some flexibility.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Hi Nancy — I think she’s just totally out of touch! It makes me mad too. Thanks for commenting!


    Yahoo is an internet company who’s whole basis of BEING is communication via “not being there in person.” To ban this seems ridiculous. Not just because it’s simply not true that people are faster and better if they are in a workplace, surrounded by other people who like to yak and drink coffee and interrupt, but because it’s basically saying, “Yes, we do this, but we don’t believe it really works.”

    So they are selling a product that they think makes people lazy and incapable of actually getting anything done? Way to sell it Yahoo!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Tami, really great points! I know I get more done at home when I’m not distracted by other employees and the water cooler, and I certainly benefit from the lack of a commute!! M