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    I would suggest using an even larger blanket so that you when you tuck the final arm and pull the remaining blanket over, you are able to wrap it completely around the baby. This will keep baby from breaking out of the swaddle.

    🙂 Haleigh
    Hush Hush Little Baby


    My kids only enjoyed being swaddled for the first month or so. We never bought the fancy swaddle blankets either. We used big blankets to keep it tight and comfortable. we used a smaller one first that was covering the big blanket so if the baby spit up we just had to change the smaller blanket, not the big one. it made it easier at night with my spit up kids. And my kids didnt like being wrapped tightly. each baby is different!


    Double the blankets! If they get out of one they will stay snuggled in the other!


    Swaddle saved us for the first few weeks at home! Also was in our “wind down” routine to get baby on a bedtime schedule!
    As for our preference – I am a HUGE FAN of the Aden and Anais blankets, or muslin fabric wraps! Lightweight, huge and breathable! Grows with the child and no crazy velcro to deal with like on the manufacutured swaddlers!


    IF you pull that 2nd end tight as you tuck it will tighten your first side lso it will last longer

    Meagan Moulden

    Swaddle nice and tight around the torso but a little loose around the legs!


    Upto which age do you recommend swaddlling arms in? Our boy is 5 months now and we have been swaddling him for sleep ever since he was born. Now he starts to protest it, but cannot get asleep with arms free either – when not sawddled he starts actively moving his arms, touching face, rubbing eyes etc., which irritates him and prevents from falling asleep.


    I have the same issue with my 4.5 month old baby girl. She cant sleep unswaddled, we’ve tried the one-arm swaddle too, she just irritates herself to the point of crying.
    I’m at my wits end, because at night i have to re-swaddle her at least once, since she’s so big and strong and can break-out of the swaddle.
    pls HELP =/

    Melissa Lawrence

    Hi Patricia! OK I have been in this boat myself. What I did once the baby was breaking out of the swaddle was to do a double swaddle where you wrap another burp cloth around the upper arms tightly. This worked for a few of my kids and I have a video about this (check it out!). However, at over 4 months your baby might be ready to bag the swaddle entirely, and although this might make for a very difficult transition period, she might be looking for another way to self-soothe, which most often means the thumb! The double swaddle will keep her middle cozy while encouraging her to find her thumb, and transitioning out of that will be less of an abrupt transition. Check with your doctor but this is what worked for me. Hang in there and stay in touch! xo Melissa

    Katherine Jameson

    Swaddling a baby can be tricky because we want our baby to feel secure and held without overheating or restricting their movements. When my baby was dealing with this problem, I found that the Zipadee-Zip was very helpful.


    This video is great! As a first time mom myself, I do what I can to get all the info. My son started breaking out of his swaddle and we began using the Zipadee-Zip. This kept my son sleeping longer through the night and eased the transition journey.


    We are currently using the Zipadee-Zip on my son. It is so much easier to use than the swaddle blankets and it allows my son to fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer periods of time.