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    Hi! I love all the
    advice you give! I thought I’d share something that was a lifesaver for me when
    I transitioned our little girl out of the swaddle because for some reason doing
    the one arm out thing just wasn’t working for her… it was too much freedom and
    her one arm would get cold. I found this thing called the Zipadee-Zip and it
    was a lifesaver. Our daughter who literally wouldn’t sleep longer than 30
    minutes without her swaddle or with one arm out, slept 12 hours the first night
    in this thing! I though it might help some other moms who have this problem. I
    found it on because another mom recommended it in a forum I’m
    in on baby center. It made our swaddle transition no transition at all! I hope
    that helps someone out there 🙂