Breastfeeding Tips: Supplementing with Formula

This vlog is show #2 in a series I’m doing this week on breastfeeding vs. formula feeding in the early months intended for moms who are looking for help with breast feeding and wondering what the impact is of supplementing with formula.

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Show 1 tackled supplementing with formula during the baby’s first few days in a hospital and a recent study suggesting that it can actually be helpful to give formula in certain cases, so check that out.

In this vlog, I talk about some of the issues involved with supplementing with formula during the first weeks of a baby’s life. For starters, I think a lot of moms supplementing because they feel they have insufficient milk supply.  I certainly worried about this a lot!

Did you supplementing with formula during your baby’s first weeks?  If so, did supplementing with formula help breast feeding in your case or do you think it adversely impacted your milk supply?  What is your view on combining breast and formula feeding during the early weeks of a baby’s life?  Please weigh in with your own experience and thanks for watching! 

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