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    I thought it was very helpful to me. I gave my baby some formula through a syringe after breastfeeding just to help her be more full. Since she was hungry and I wasn’t producing enough yet. I successfully breastfed for about 14 months and was even producing enough to donate some milk to our local milk bank.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Carla — can I put this quote on FB later on this week with just the name Carla? It is such a great story!! Regardless, way to go!


    I had my first baby May 19th!! I loved watching this video because I went into the hospital all ready to breastfeed and had some issues happen that I wasn’t planning on. Shortly after my son was born, I tried to get him to latch just like I had seen in the class I took. Expecting a slight tug, I was shocked when he chomped down HARD! It actually surprised me and hurt so much that I screamed and ripped him off causing some damage. My nurse came in to help me calm my nerves and see what went wrong. Come to find out, my baby was tongue tied and could only use his gums to feed. It was late enough that the pediatrician couldn’t come until the morning so I chose to formula feed him that night and a bit the next day to let myself heal a bit. I cried and cried thinking that I was wasn’t giving my baby what I had planned on, and thought I would have issues with nipple confusion, but all went well. My milk came in the day after we got home and I have been exclusively breastfeeding since the hospital.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Aubrey, I am so happy for you. This is EXACTLY what I was talking about in the video — there are bumps along the road and a bit of formula here and there does not mean you can not successfully breastfeed! Best of luck with your beautiful baby!!! xo melissa


    I had my son February 10th. He was 9 lb and 2oz. His blood sugar kept dropping while we were in the hospital. I had planned to exclusively breast feed but since we were having difficulty keeping his blood sugar up we had to supplement formula for a couple of feedings after I nursed him. I was so upset about having to do this but it did not have any negative effects. After watching this video, I have to agree. I have been exclusively breast feeding my son now for 4 months with no complications. I feel like it is going wonderful and I plan to breast feed him for at least 1year. When I have another child will keep this in mind while in the hospital. Thank you Melissa for sharing this information!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Rebecca, I love your story. We worry so much but a bit of formula in the hospital can be fine and helpful. Thank you for writing in!!