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    Being a first time Mom I too was concerned the first time my baby went 4 days no BM. When my son was first born 6mo. ago he pooped 10-15 dirty diapers a day almost like diarrhea for the first 6 weeks. Then suddenly he went 4 days no BM. Our Doc said this was normal he’ll go when he needs to. The next day he went. Then he went 6 days no BM. For the next 2mo. he went every Wed & Fri. Now he goes regularly every other day or every three days. This is normal for him and I’ve never given him anything to make him go. Each time I was patient and checked his tummy for discomfort or hardening-there was none-you’d know if your baby was uncomfortable. Hope this is helpful! I know is was for me- PATIENCE 🙂


    My son was a good pooper, went through all the poop stages at the right time just like all the books say and then at about 4 months, when we started him on solids, all of a sudden his poops stopped! I was sooo worried that he was constipated but eventually after about 4 days, he finally pooped but a much more solid poop than he’d ever had before. This also worried me, I wasn’t sure if he should be pooping like that at that age! But it was just his body adjusting to solid food instead of just milk. Now that he’s 7.5 months he has what I like to call ‘little man turds’ because most of the time his poops look like what a little man would poop! Ahh…I never thought that I would enjoy talking about someone’s poop so much 🙂


    Such a great post! The yellow, runny stools were the ones that made me nervous in my breastfed newborn Once I spoke to my pediatrician about breastfed babies’ stools I learned that this was perfect! He explained that the baby was taking the nutrients from the breastmilk and expelling the water. When he put it this way it suddenly made so much sense! What I do wish I had a good suggestion for was how to combat the explosively messy nature of said stools. I ended up diapering her with the next size up and changing her the second I caught the new poopy….which wasn’t always foolproof. I lined carseat and swing with cloth diapers to stave off the bigger mess!


    When my first daughter was born, I was so confused when she’s poop. Rspecially her first poops! Once the doctor told us it was normal, then it was a little relief. But what they didn’t really mention, is a baby’s poop is constantly changing! I breast fed for a few months then switched her to formula. It changed from yellow and seedy to thick and green. And it turned stinky! After she started solids, it became more formed and could be orange one day and green the next. It all depended on what she ate. I remember being so worried when he had orange poop haha! My mom had to reassure me that maybe I had given her carrots or sweet potatoes, and of course she was right! Now with our second baby, I don’t need to be worried because I know what to expect. I also received a booklet from My formula company explaining and showing pictures of what’s normal and when to call the doctor.


    I remember the first few times my first child’s poop was an odd color because of something he ate and also finding small remnants of foods in his poop, like the first time he ate a kiwi and finding all those little seeds in his diaper! Now that we are getting ready for our second child, I feel more prepared to handle any odd poops that may show up in the future. There was also a period of time when he only averaged 1 poop a week! I had heard, though, that once they started eating meat, their poop would smell much worse, but I never really noticed a significant change like that.

    Melissa Lawrence

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