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    DisABLEd Positive Parent

    I am based in the UK and as a fair skin mummy and also given the UK rubbish summer weather it shouldn’t have been a surprise when I was told I had very low Vit D, but it was. Anyway on the NHS if this is the case in the UK your doctor will prescribe Vit D supplement but equally I don’t have time to go see the GP right now for the script so I brought Sanatogen multi Vit. This gives me every thing a woman needs including Vit B6 and a high dose of Vit D. Broccoli is supposed to be amazing for Vit D as is any green vegetable.
    Us mums really should try do cereals more, it’s just when the heck do you get time to have breakfast especially when you have a toddler wanting to stick hands in your bowl and have some of what mummy is eating. However it’s time to get sensible and I think I will just sneak of and grab some breakfast upstairs or I might buy cereal bars which are quick and easy to eat.