“How to Potty Train” Part 1: Potty-Training Readiness

Hello Moms!

Welcome! This is the first in a series on “How to Potty Train”, which is such a big issue for parents of toddlers!  I’ve done it four times (one more to go!) and believe me, I’ve had my ups and down.  Now, I’ve decided to put together everything I’ve learned into a series of videos which I hope will be helpful for moms new to potty training. We’ll all get through it together!

How did you know your child was ready for the potty? Comment below!

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Signs Your Child is Ready to Potty Train

Here are some tell-tale signs (according to the AAP) that your toddler is ready to ditch the diapers and embark on potty training:

      • Diaper stays dry for at least two hours during the day or is dry after naps
      • Child’s poops become more or less regular and predictable
      • Child signals pushing
      • Child can walk and can help dress/undress herself
      • Child shows interest in the potty and big kid undies!

Watch my vlog for more potty training tips for parents who are trying to figure out whether their child is ready to potty train! And check out my next installments in the “How To Potty Train” series!

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