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    Laura C.

    Well…my oldest will be 2 next week and we haven’t started potty training yet but his daycare will be working on this with him soon so I know we have to keep it up at home as well. He doesn’t really show any signs of “readiness” other than telling us when he’s gone poopy and pulling on his diaper when it’s wet. I have noticed that his diaper is less full in the morning and after nap though…

    ANY tips you can provide would be much appreciated! Thanks!!


    That was really helpful. We haven’t started potty training yet, but we’re about to! Thanks for the tips!


    We are not yet potty training, but this information is very helpful in preparing us for the future! Thank you!

    Jonelle bush

    I think My child is ready because he is doing everything early and so eager to try new things

    Melissa Lawrence

    Thanks so much to everyone who commented on this Potty Training vlog, we have chosen our winner! Really appreciate your commenting on CloudMom!! xo Melissa


    We leave a small potty in the bathroom and always offer my little guy to use the potty before he goes into the bath. Now that he asks us to use the potty at other time, we know he’s ready to be trained.


    What we did for our first three kids (and have started with the yosngeut) is that potty time’ became a routine part of the day. Get up in the morning: sit on the potty. Before lunch: sit on the potty. A bit after lunch/before nap: potty time. That kind of thing. Very matter-of-fact. Not overly enthusiastic and very calm. Sometimes they went (especially in the morning) and sometimes not but that was ok. We never used those little potties, we bought the seat that fits on the real toilet and a step stool for their feet (and to get on the toilet, of course). With our first kiddo, we had a sticker chart where every time he went in the toilet, he got a sticker and after 3 (and then 5, and then 7) stickers in a row, he got a small prize. My other two weren’t motivated by such means, lol. They just did it and some initial clapping and good job (and new underpants!) worked. My yosngeut, so far, is utterly unimpressed by the whole process, though we just started it this past week, lol. Good luck! I’ve found that after age three, there comes a point where it just clicks’. Hopefully that will come before the school deadline!

    Melissa Lawrence

    HI — great methods, I found that 3 was the real turning point too — with Marielle, I will probably try next summer b/c I have found that the girls can go a little earlier — Happy Holidays!