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    Lori C

    My kids are too young still to do much baking with me, but my son likes to help me stir things. He will even stir his milk and pretend he’s making it into chocolate milk.


    My daughter is still too young to bake with me but I absolutely can not wait for that day to come! I just know she is going to love to bake cookies and brownies with me.


    When my children were little we did a LOT of baking & cooking. So much so that my sons are now the primary chefs for their households. The favorite thing my grandchildren like to cook when they visit is pancakes. We make elephants, whales, seals, martian/alienss & even dinosaurs.


    I love making cookies and cakes with my daughter. She is at the age where everything is wonderful to her! Tonight we actually made chocolate covered pretzels and she LOVED dipping them in the chocolate…and of course eating the chocolate


    My grandson loves baking anything! He loves cookies and cakes so he can eat the cookie dough and cake batter (before we add the eggs) and we have also made fudge

    Melissa Lawrence

    Great ideas everyone! The winner of this giveaway is Jill…congratulations and if you have the recipe for Peanut Blossoms handy I’d love to try it!

    Wishing you all wonderful holidays and all the best in 2013.

    XO, Melissa