5 Fun DIY and Upcycle Holiday Gift Ideas

Hello, to all my DIY Mamas out there!

Recently I heard about this cool e-Book called “Uppity Owl Upcycles a Brooch” by children’s book author Monica Blas. It’s about a crafty owl that lives by a pond and learns to “upcyle.” What’s upcycling? I was asking myself the same thing!  It’s finding new uses for old things you have just kicking around. I think this is a really creative and neat way to start teaching kids about the environment. And they can make some pretty neat homemade presents!

5 Fun DIY and Upcycle Holiday Gift Ideas

Try these family crafts and upcycling ideas with your kids – click on the links for the full instructions.

1. Oreo PopsFrequent Oreo cookie buyer? Your family and friends will love these gourmet chocolate covered Oreo pops! Your kids will have a blast making them, too! Dip Oreos into melted chocolate and place them in sprinkles. You can make them Christmas themed by using green and red sprinkles or design these Oreo pop treats however you want! Full instructions here. Enjoy!

Oreo Pops - Chocolate Dipped Oreos

2. Recycled Puzzle Ornaments – Have a puzzle no one uses or one that has missing pieces? Use the puzzle pieces to make adorable ornaments such as a Christmas tree or snowflake! Super fun and creative craft for the kiddos plus it makes a great personal gift for the grandparents from your kids! Learn how to make them here.

puzzle christmas tree
3. DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters – If you have some leftover wool felt balls from a recent crafting project, try this colorful and fun craft that you can make with the kids that will turn into a useful holiday gift for your loved ones. All you need are some wool felt balls, glue and cork coasters. It’s super customizable because you can use several different colors, all one color, Christmas colors, etc. Learn more here.

diy wool felt ball coasters
4. Hot Chocolate Mix Gift in a Jar – I spotted this adorable family crafts idea for re-using mason jars on Pinterest, of course. And it’s perfect for this time of year! Fill one jar with layers of peppermints, hot cocoa mix and marshmallows, and decorate by adding a bow. These would make great little DIY holiday gifts for a teacher or babysitter from your child. I recommend putting the cocoa and marshmallows in the jars after the kiddies have decorated, lest you end up with cocoa mix all over the kitchen floor or find that the elves are nibbling! Instructions here.

hot chocolate mix gift in a jar

5. DIY Pallet Holiday Sign “Let it Snow” – Have some extra pallet wood and paint? I guarantee people will be blown away by this DIY Holiday sign. It’s a beautiful DIY holiday gift idea plus it’s inexpensive! You can customize it by having the sign say something else such as a family name or a different holiday phrase. It just looks stunning. Instructions on how to make this here.


Share your ideas for creative uses for old items and happy holidays!

xo Melissa