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    handmade blanket! I know it isn’t a toy but it was my favorite


    Diapers. Lots and lots of diapers!!! Not too exciting perhaps, but definitely needed.


    My little guy has LOVED the jumperoo he got as a gift from Grandparents. We also got him a Fisher Price Apptivity case that protects our phones/ipods from drool and let’s him easily hold it to watch videos or play games.

    Lori C

    I like those play mats with the criss-crossing arches over the top where you can hang toys for the baby to play with or just look at. I don’t have a specific brand to recommend. Any would work.


    We have a few of the toys listed above.

    For the holidays this year my daughter received laugh out loud elmo, a rocking horse, little people disney castle, a baby stroller and highchair set…..that should keep her busy for awhile 🙂 I hope


    Magnificent Baby burrito! My son & his wife love all their magnificent baby clothes & the super easy super fast closures.


    We’re hoping for a bead maze and lots of books for our 8 month old.

    Melissa Lawrence

    These are all great ideas…I hope everyone’s holiday wishes come true! The winner of this giveaway is Janice…congratulations and I’ll be in touch about your prize. I agree with you on homemade blankets — such a special baby gift for any occasion.