Thanksgiving Dinner: How to Save on the Big Meal

Hello, fellow parents!

Thanksgiving dinner is one of my absolute favorite meals of the year. From the turkey to the mashed potatoes to the stuffing…I’m getting hungry just thinking about it! But the costs can really add up, especially when you’re shopping for a big extended family like I am.

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In this video I share money-saving meal options for Thanksgiving dinner without sacrificing any of the deliciousness.

Saving on the Biggest Family Dinner of the Year

  1. Make, Don’t Buy…this is definitely one of the oldest tricks in the book. Store-bought, ready-to-eat meals and catering services can jack up the prices of any holiday festivity. Spend some quality time with your kids and husband and prepare a meal right at home. You’ll be so proud of yourself with the finished result, and you’ll be saving a lot of money at the same time!
  2. Potluck…if you don’t want to put a lot of pressure on yourself this year, ask your friends and family members who are coming over to bring their own favorite side dish for Thanksgiving! You can even share the great back stories about each dish and create your own tradition this way!
  3. Estimate…don’t go crazy with how much food you need. You definitely don’t want to be eating turkey sandwiches ‘til Christmas! I found a really great calculator online which helps you figure out how much turkey you’ll need for each guest! Here’s the link!
  4. Coupon…Couponing can save you a bunch this holiday season! A lot of stores will have special deals just in time for the big meal!

Plus, here’s one of the handy resources I found online that is a part of my plan:

Butterball Turkey Coupon: This deal is good for $6 off a Butterball turkey with the coupon and a mail-in rebate.

Please weigh in below sharing your money-saving meal ideas for the holidays, and thanks so much for watching!  Happy Holidays!

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