Preparing For Pregnancy Soon After Birth

Gotta love this name, guys.  Pure Joy & Laughter from YouTube wrote in to ask about the timing of her second pregnancy. Mom of a 6 month old baby, she’s already interested in having another baby, but feels that she hasn’t healed enough. She asks: “has it been long enough to be OK?” Well, Pure Joy (can I give you that nickname?), your name was so compelling that I just had to answer right away and plus, I love this issue because I have been there, sister. My first two babies were 13 months apart, my second two 19 months apart, and #3 and #4 were 21 months apart. I never did the “spacing ’em out” thing — rather I did the “sandwich ’em” thing so I have a lot to say on this!

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Having Babies Close in Age

First thing that comes to mind: having babies close in age is not easy. It has it’s advantages, including coordinating naps, but having two in diapers can been tough. There’s literally no break, no reprieve other than the afternoon nap and you have two little ones to transport (by age 3 many can walk on their own, at least for short stints). When kids get older, they can be some sibling rivalry issues too. I’ve been there. I live with this everyday. My kids are extremely close, but because they are doing so much together, sometimes they crave space.

How far apart are your children? Did you plan to space them out?

Meanwhile, planning to have a baby when you already have a baby is easier mentally because you know what you’re looking at. When you walk into the good old baby megaspore, your knees don’t quiver.

In today’s blog, I talk about my own experiences with having babies in a row, getting pregnant while breastfeeding, and give some advice for moms who have young babies, but are already thinking about having a baby again.

Hope you like the video and thanks for watching!

xo Melissa