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    I began reading to my son day 1 of his life and continued daily goal of reading at least 4 books and if I overshot the goal I was happy. I asked friends and family to gift me books above all else. My favorite are baby Einstein books and my sin especially loved the color kittens. He never tired if reading and to my surprise began to read on his own at 15 months, first single words then I got him Melissa and Doug spelling boards he chucked the boards and began spelling with the wooden letters and by 18 months I had invested in bobs books and now he reads them all by himself and at 22 months is a strong reader I would say he could give an average or 8 year old a run for their money and how I got him to understand what he was reading is acting out the words and paper cutting the alphabet and numbers and shapes and giving him tactiles to go along with his learning. What kind of learner do you have is the question to look for. My son us clearly tactile!