One-on-One Time With My Baby

Hello my dears. Several days more to go on our Spain adventure and we’re savoring it, soaking up the nice, warm air, the flowers, and the time together.

One of the things I worry the most about as a mom of multiple children is not having enough one-on-one time time with each of my kids. Most often, we are ON TOP of each other and I can’t necessarily describe our time as quality time! My kids are talking, laughing, fighting, wrestling, drawing, or (lately) pasting stickers into their World Cup Albums and screaming at the soccer match on the TV … and I’m simply trying to manage the situation. It’s zany and fun, but never peaceful and easy. Other than picking up someone from school, I rarely take off with just one child and enjoy some quality time.

One-on-One Time With My BabyPin for later!

The long days of touring around have worn down my kids, especially the girls. “Mommy, I can’t stand on my feet so long,” Annaliese has been saying. So the other day, I had a local babysitter and Hedley and I took off on our own to Guadi’s Casa Battló, a new adventure just for us, me and my first baby.

Hedley claimed he hadn’t had special individualized “mommy and me” attention like this in 9 years — that’s when Lachlan was born — and although I don’t think this can be true, it was truly a very special and unique day. Watch our video to see the glorious tiles, colors, and textures of this historic house. My eyes drifted from the length and elegance of Gaudi’s long columns to the longer legs of my once baby boy! So big, so calm, and all mine for just one peaceful day.

Do you ever find the space and quiet to rediscover your child? If you’re a mom of 1+, how do you manage to break away and carve out these moments? Tell me in the comments!

Thanks for watching and wishing you special moments today with your little one!

xo Melissa