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    I liked you visit to the chocolate museum the best. It would’ve been really neat to see that sculpture, and I bet it smelled really good in there.


    I’d love to visit The Chocolate Museum with my kids. They and I would really love to find out how it is made. Sounds like it was lots of fun


    The remains of Roman houses sound interesting to me. I would also enjoy the chocolate museum.

    Trisha Kilpatrick

    My son is a huge fan of Lionel Messi. He would love to see that sculpture. I would rather eat chocolate.


    I like the Museum of the History of Barcelona.

    Julie Wood

    I loved reading about your visit to the Chocolate Museum of Barcelona! I want to go there and try the chocolate!

    latanya t

    visiting the The Chocolate Museum of Barcelona.

    Kay Saunders

    A museum of chocolate!? That’s is music to my ears! 🙂

    Susan Smith

    I’d love to visit The Chocolate Museum with my kids

    nicole dziedzic

    I really loved the Chocolate Museum of Barcelona!!

    Donna Jacoby

    I like The Chocolate Museum of Barcelona. Thank you for the giveaway!

    Jeanna Schirm Massman

    The chocolate museum sounds delicious!


    I liked the visit of the Museum of Chocolate!

    Melody Mullens Hodge

    I like your visit to the Chocolate Museum of Barcelona.


    The Chocolate Museum of Barcelona. It looks amazing!

    Kim ONeill

    The Chocolate Museum of Barcelona. looks good


    I like the Chocolate Museum Barcalone. Jealous!

    Dana Rodriguez

    That had to be so much fun! I would LOVE to see the Chocolate Museum of Barcelona!

    Brooke Mechelle

    The Chocolate Museum was fantastic!


    I like your visit to the chocolate museum! yum!

    Jennifer Reed

    I am most intrigued to visit the Chocolate Museum of Barcelona and discover chocolate’s Mayan history.

    sherry Blamer

    I liked your trip to the miro mesuem.

    Tammy Woodall

    The Chocolate Museum was very interesting to read about.


    The Chocolate Museum was my favorite part. I would LOVE to go there. Spain really knows how to do chocolate and how fun to learn and see all of that history!


    I liked your visit to the Museum of the History of Barcelona.

    Kate F.

    I liked the part about the Chocolate Museum.

    Alison Tolar

    I liked that you guys visited the museum. That is very cool.

    Wen Budro

    The chocolate sculpture and the candy shop visits were very cool.


    Would love to visit the chocolate museum! Looks so fun!


    The chocolate museum! And the sculpture, mmm!


    The Chocolate Museum, of course! YUM

    Stephanie Phelps

    I loved the gorgeous mosaic tile floor one!

    Laurie Nykaza

    Seeing them go to the chocolate museum and get the bar of chocolate and eating it looks so good too.


    mmmm The chocolate museum…love me some good chocolate

    Nora Driskel

    The chocolate museum would be my kids favorite.

    Judy Schechter

    I loved the museum of chocolate! And I wanted to eat the white chocolate gorilla!

    Ed Nemmers

    The Chocolate Museum of Barcelona is most intriguing!

    Stephanie Larison

    The Chocolate Museum of Barcelona would be amazing!! I’m so jealous.

    Nicole Carter

    Definitely the Chocolate Museum! I am so jealous!

    Kimberly DePalma

    I liked the Chocolate museum visit the most!

    Brittani Adams

    The roman ruins would been my favorite part awesome! looks great!

    Laurie Murley

    the chocolat museum was my fave part

    Jerry Marquardt

    The part of your visits I liked the best is the quality of this chocolate. I am a sucker for any chocolate, So I love this either as the giveaway or if I go buy it, because I will go get it after I see this. I also thank you for giving all of us the chance on winning this fine giveaway.

    Bridgett Wilbur

    I just love the chocolate museum visit also :).

    Dorothy Hubbard

    The Chocolate museum, I was surprised to hear there was a musem for chocolate.

    kathy pease

    I liked the The Chocolate Museum of Barcelona thatv looks awesome!

    Stacey Grantham

    I adore history, too, and would love to see old Roman ruins. How cool.

    Heather Swarthout

    The museum of course! So cool. I’m jealous!

    Suzanne King

    I love to hear the history the best.

    Richard Hicks

    I like the kids care seection a lot


    The chocolate museum looks like a lot of fun.


    I’m quite fascinated with you getting to see actual Roman ruins of Barcelona. How cool is that?!


    The Chocolate Museum of Barcelona looks very fun!