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    My son, unbeknownst to me, had collected Royal Blue Crayons in his uniform pants pockets while he was at school one day, which inadvertently got washed with his Sky Blue Uniform shirts! After pulling the shirts out of the dryer, I was not so pleasantly surprised the shirts were stained with crayons, that got melted in the dryer, through the pockets of the pants; (to save money, I had to wash dark clothing and lights together; single Mom on a budget here) 🙂 To get the stains out, I soaked the stains with stain remover, scrubbed the stains like crazy with a toothbrush, and rewashed the shirts alone this time 🙂 The shirts washed up beautifully, and I didn’t have to repurchase 5 more Uniform shirts! Any parent who has to invest in uniforms for school, knows just how costly they can be 🙂


    My daughter got chocolate sauce all over her fancy white dress but I was able to soak it and wash it with bleach and get it out.

    kymi a

    My worst mess was in the car, we live far & alot of time is spent in the car traveling from A to B. one day to save time I thought the kids can eat while I drive…..I turned around & they had chili cheese fries on hands, face & clothes plus of course I had to get slurpee drinks grrrr lol so now they have their straw out of the cup & playing sword, slurpee is everywhere they are wet & kinda chili cheese gross looking. I soaked their clothes in vinegar & baking soda got the stains out, wiped down the car, their car seat, never to do that again atleast not with 4yr olds lol

    Lauren E.

    My daughter went running through mudpuddles recently, and Im sure it was magic mud because it stained her dress. I used a combo of baking soda and ammonia to soak the spots.


    When my son was about 4 he started experimenting with markers. Silly me I left them open from a project I was working on and he must’ve been excited by the bright colors! Anyway he started drawing on the walls and a lot of it ended up on his face. Good thing they were non-toxic markers but at least it was a colorful memory. No pun intended!


    When I sent raspberries in my daughter’s lunch this year, she opened the bag and raspberry juice spilled all over her pants. I treated the stain by applying a strong detergent to the stain and washing it a few times.


    My youngest son is a dirt magnate and his backyard safari to hunt frogs covered him in pond scum. I soaked his clothes in a chlorine-algaecide water solution I made from my pool tablet residue. This works on grass stains too.


    My son seems to get messy practically every day but the last time he had an ice cream sandwich, not only did the chocolate ice cream drip all over his mouth, chin and shirt but the chocolate cookie part of the sandwich smudged on his fingers which he then wiped all over his shirt and shorts. It was a mess. Thankfully he was in the backyard and not in the car eating because I can guarantee from past experiences that at least some of that ice cream sandwich would have ended up all over the interior of it.
    I was able to get the cookie part of the sandwich out of the cargo shorts but the chocolate ice cream stained the white shirt – I bleached the shirt and it didn’t work.


    I commented before but I’m not sure why it’s showing up. My son drew on the walls when he was 4 because I left some markers out!!

    Allison Thompson

    His biggest mess was in pluff mud at a sandbar. It was everywhere. Luckily all we had to do is dip him in the water and he was clean!


    My son got into some pickled beets at a potluck. I thought everything was fine until the middle of the night, when he threw up. Purple everywhere! Fortunately, it washed out of the sheets, jammies, changing table cover, rug, etc. 🙂 I think I just used normal detergent, but I probably sprayed it with Zout first.


    My little guy is 100% boy and manages to get filthy anywhere he goes. We bought him these “healthy” fruit and veggie popcicles a couple weeks ago (gotta get the veggies on where ever possible) they seemed like a good idea until he sat on the cream colored couch with a blueberry beet popcicles that dripped all over him and my couch. The shirt got soaked in cold water and oxiclean, and a nice soapy scrub was on order for my couch.
    Lesson learned!


    Wonderful :))) I hope you guys the best moments ever 🙂 I really love to visit these places .. may be after we buy our own house

    Angela Reuss

    Hey Cloud Mom!!

    I might have the worst scenario imaginable. One morning, I woke up to my 18 month old daughter in her crib with poop everywhere! She woke up before I did and took off her diaper- then decided to finger paint her crib, the walls, sheets, her clothes, and even her face! There wasn’t an area in her reach that wasn’t covered in poop. Ooohhh… the horror I felt when I went into her room to see and smell poop everywhere!! That was 13 years ago. I don’t remember how we got the stains out… I’m sure we threw some of it away.

    This isn’t exactly a cute messy kid story, but it is a true story nonetheless. lol.


    I’m not sure when they’ve been the messiest. But my 2 year old has been coloring on the walls with crayon and dry erase marker several times lately. It’s making me crazy. She gets in trouble for it so she understands there will be consequences but she just doesn’t seem to care. She drew the most adorable smiley faces all over the wall by her bed. I didn’t even realize she brought a crayon to her room. 🙁


    My daughter is only 9 months old, so she hasn’t made many messes with her hands. However, when she was 2 months we switched from soy formula to Neutramagin. The poop was scary…and excessive. Oh the horror!


    As a new mom, everyone seemed to forget to warn me about explosive diaper!! One afternoon my little one made a crazy face. When I looked down at my leg, poop was running out of her diaper onto my lap. To poop was so explosive that it shot up her back into her hair. I had to cut the onesie off of her lol. There was no saving it. Lets just say I changed diaper brand immediately lol.


    As a new mom, I knew nothing about the EPLOSIVE DIAPER attack. I was burping my little one and I feel something running down my leg. I thought I spilled my water bottle again, but as I look down I notice it is POOP!! it is everywhere. It has even shot up her back into her hair. She was about 3 months old at the time. I had to cut her out of that onesie!! So it is safe to say we changed diaper brands immediately!! lol

    Eliza D.

    Mine wiped some greasy Indian food on his pants, thinking he was wiping his hand on a cloth napkin! The bright side is that I discovered a much more effective detergent while trying to figure out how to get it out, so I rarely have problems with grease stains anymore!