My Favorite Thanksgiving Leftovers Meal

What do you do with all those Thanksgiving leftovers? One of my favorite meals all year is the Thanksgiving turkey sandwich I look forward to in the days after Thanksgiving.  I toast my favorite whole-grain bread and spread a thin layer of dijon mustard, pile on that delicious white meat, add a nice slab of gruyere cheese, some red or green leaf lettuce or even watercress, and voila!

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This leftovers sandwich is simple, fresh and delicious — and pretty healthy too after the excesses of Thanksgiving Day!  I sometimes think I prefer it to Thanksgiving dinner itself.

My kids adore this sandwich too, and I get fewer complaints than I usually do around the dining table!  For them, I add some carrot sticks as a garnish and a few chips.  The one problem with this is that the regular turkey I eat all year round seems so bland compared with this delicious fresh turkey.

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  • Karen Bergreen

    I love shredded food. I usually put a few chopped shallots in a pan with some olive oil. Then I shred the turkey and brown it –i add whatever vegetables I prepared–shredded of course. If the kids aren’t eating it, I top with crushed red pepper.

    • Melissa-CloudMom

      Karen, never knew you were such an inventive cook!

  • Lysa

    We cut everything into smaller pieces and as a family made a nice large casserole. 🙂

  • Lori C

    I like to keep it simple. Turkey sandwiches with mayo and warm pumpkin pie with whipped topping.

  • Brad

    Turkey sandwiches and with the leftover roast and vegetables my wife made stew

  • Janice

    Chicken salad. We always have left overs. I use the leftover celery, cranberries and chicken and make a wonderful chicken salad. We have a large family so we usually have chicken, turkey and ham (not everyone likes turkey)

  • deb m

    Soup and sandwichs!

  • Kathy

    This year I bought some cranberries and made fresh juice with them, then with the juiced cranberries I made cranberry relish and with the left overs I made potpourri.

    • Kathy

      since it has also gotten a little colder here over the weekend. I am going to make chili with my left over pinto beans

      • How did the chili turn out?

        • Kathy

          too spicy for me this time, but my husband loved it! My son and husband love spicy foods (we go through a bottle of tabisco sauce a week) I am going to freeze the left over chilli and serve it again

  • Meg

    One of my favorites is buttery Grands biscuits – put them in large muffin cups and cover with chunks of turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy, whatever you like. Then bake and enjoy a Thanksgiving Biscuit!

    • Meg, where do you get those biscuits? That sounds really yummy!

  • april

    My family and I are vegitarian; however we still celebrate and look forward to thanksgiving left overs! We love to make left over sandwiches for lunch the next day with brea, a little mayo, some tofurky, cranberry sauce, and a scoop of stuffing yum. We also make, tofurky noodle soup! I love thanksgiving and trying new recipes! Love box sounds great, hope to try it soon:-)

  • sharon

    I love making a turkey salad the day after thanksgiving…..lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers all diced up…..add some cut up pieces of turkey, a little mayo, salt and pepper and you have a great salad. Add any other fresh veggies you might like as well.