How To Start The Sex Talk With Your Kids

So big news from our family: I had the “sex talk” with my two oldest boys. I know, I couldn’t believe it either. Here I am on the Internet talking about birthing babies, and breastfeeding, and all sorts of other personal topics, but when I started hearing from friends and fellow parents that it was time to have THE BIG TALK, I honestly didn’t know if I could do it. I was too embarrassed, I felt awkward. Not a procrastinator by nature, I was procrastinating! Then, a friend advised me to just practically tell my boys what happens in the act of sexual intercourse, warning me that if I didn’t start the sex talk with my kids, that later if they had questions, they wouldn’t come to me. You want to be where they go for their information, this friend advised. So I did it. That’s why “how to talk to your kids about sex” is the subject of today’s video.

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Tips for Talking To Kids About Sex

Of course I’m not any sort of expert, I’m just a Mom, so I’m not so much offering tips and advice in today’s video as I am parlaying what happened to me and how our conversation went. I’ve read about how to talk to kids about sex, and I’ve heard from mom friends what and how they’ve done this. So with this in my mind, when the opportunity presented itself — one morning when I was just sitting around the kitchen table with my two oldest only — I took the plunge, so to speak.

Watch my video for what I said, how I said it, and tell me what you think. How did I do? I’m looking at this as the first part of a hopefully on-going conversation, so I figure there is room to amplify what I said.

Have you spoken to your kids about sex and when do you plan to do so?  Comment below and thanks for watching!

Melissa xo