How to Save on Kids’ Birthday Parties

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With five kids, it seems like it’s always someone’s birthday at our house! Birthday parties can get expensive, so here are some of my money-saving ideas when it comes to party-planning.

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Planning a Birthday Party on a Budget

  1. Limit the number of guests! This one seems kind of obvious, but can be hard to manage depending on your child’s age. Between kindergarten and second grade or so, it may seem customary to invite the entire class! However, sit your kids down and really talk to them about which friends are particularly special and which ones they need to have at their party. Just like a wedding; invite the most special friends!
  2. Have the party at home! This will allow you to avoid the special features and extra expenses of a themed party at a specific venue. And with a party at home, you can really get creative with your child and customize it to their preferences! To save more money, keep the decorations from each year and recycle them for the next child!
  3. Don’t serve a big meal! Having the party between meal times (let’s say, having a nice mid-afternoon party) means you don’t need to provide lunch or dinner! Cake will do just nicely.
  4. Use a Homemade Birthday Cake! Have fun with it! Your child can help you make the cake and even decorate with different frostings!
  5. Cut down on goodie bags! Invest in only gifts you know your child and their friends will really benefit from.

Hope these cheap party ideas have helped! Enjoy these special days with your child, the years really do fly by!

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  • sharon

    Having a birthday party at home and catering it yourself is a great option. Instead of a goody bag, 1 nice toy or puzzle is a great giveaway. I wait throughout the year for a sale at the toy store and but the gifts then. Even if its not a few months until the party. Planning things in advance is a bit hard with kids, but if the end result is saving money, its worth it.

  • We already do a lot of the things you suggested so it was great to see we’re on the same page! Something I’d like to try is to collect little goodies throughout the year so there isn’t a big expense all at one time (similar to how I’ve started shopping for Christmas!)

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  • Dawn Herring

    I think your birthday money-saving ideas are fabulous; I especially appreciate re-using the decorations each year; I do the same thing with the birthday banner I use to create a Birthday Wall for my two daughters and for my grandboy.

    I have posted your video, How to Save on Kid’s Birthday Parties, on my blog, The Birthday Wall, where I share party tips and inspiring birthday stories for my readers.

    Thanks again for sharing these great money-saving ideas.

    Be refreshed,
    Dawn Herring
    Author of The Birthday Wall: Create a Collage to Celebrate Your Child
    Host of #JournalChat Live and Links Edition on Twitter