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    play possum

    Missing a party…a 10 AM party is not huge. I think your time was better spent dancing as a family.
    Your Little understood. today.
    Monday be prepared though, all the talk will be of the party and you will have one grumpy kid who missed all the fun.

    That being said…having 3 boys I started a rule when the oldest was in Kindergarden. We do not attend anything that occurs before NOON on a sat or sun unless it is church related. PERIOD.

    What mother in her right mind plans a party for 9:30 in the morning…or even 10????
    Is she high?
    Does she want the other moms to hate her forever?

    and yes my own cousin planned an OUTSIDE party for 9:30 on a Sun. again….was she smoking? Probably. I wouldn’t know because we sent our regrets.

    Your baby will be just fine. This is just one lesson in that you can’t always get what you want.


    Melissa Lawrence

    Hi Play Possum, I like your name and I’m really grateful that you read those blog — this weekend, I was so tired and we just CANCELLED one of these parties and we stayed home and everyone felt just better rested as a family. I really think it’s just too much to be running around all week and then on the weekend too, everyone needs a break!


    Parties with friends are fun but quality time with family is fleeting and precious for you and the little ones.