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    I have that problem also, always forgetting to pick up something in a section I was in earlier and having to run back to get something. I try to make a list before I go, or at least gather up the coupons I know I’ll need and paper clip them together with my list, along with some “optional” coupons for things I don’t necessarily need right away but will buy if there is a store sale going on that I can combine with the coupon.

    Melissa Lawrence

    Lori — you are more organized than me, you should be doing this! Weds night before Thanksgiving was a nightmare for me, if I don’t really have a plan, I can barely make it through the store!


    That is exactly what I attempt to do all the time. Keyword here is attempt…..I always forget items even though I do categorize my lists. I end up leaving out a key ingredient here and there and have to make a second trip to the supermarket almost always!


    I love the last tip! I wanted to say that I used to orgranize my groceries by bags and boxes when I unloaded the groceries but it is helpful when all your freezer and canned goods are together., that way if you are in a hurry you can drop your canned goods and put them up later and just put away your perishable items.

    Personally, I am not good with maps lol so I am not sure if I coud do this, but I do make a list of what I need by sections and that is how I have my coupons organized so and when I make my list out I mark that I have a coupon to make sure I use it.

    Melissa Lawrence

    The winner of this giveaway is Lori — thanks for your great tips! Lori, we’ll reach out to you about your prize.