How To Clean Up Vomit When You’re Traveling

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When you’re pregnant, no one talks about the ugly stuff, the messy stuff, the nasty stuff – like carsickness in children and vomit!  Believe me, you’ll see plenty of it as a mom!

car sickness in children

My kids do throw up in the car and I’m usually thinking, Y-U-C-K.  I also marvel at how little they seem to chew their food – yicky.  Seeing all these clumps of grossness is a fact of life for us moms and won’t change, but listen us here ladies because I finally found something that works …

When I got an eye infection last week and had to do a warm compress for myself, I happened to have the materials for the compress on hand in the car and this proved very handy in removing vomit from the car and car-seat when Annaliese got sick. 

Watch here for more on why this worked so well, and tell me what you do when you’re dealing with carsick kids! 

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