How Has Birth Order Shaped My Kids Personalities?

Loved this question from another Melissa Anne on YouTube (can’t believe we have the same first and middle names!): how have your children been affected by the order in which they were born?  I loved thinking about this and filming today’s vlog because I do think certain birth order traits are noticeable in my little pumpkins!

birth order traits

Birth Order and Personality

Looking at the personalities of my five kids, I can see that my oldest Hedley is so clearly the big brother to everyone!  He’s so caring and protective of his siblings.  Often when we’re out on the street, Hedley making sure everyone walks correctly across the street – so protective.  Meanwhile, my second child Lachlan straddles being the little brother and the big brother to his sisters especially.  So Lachlan shows certain typical birth order characteristics because like the little brother, he likes following in his big brother’s footsteps; meanwhile, Lachlan loves the role of the big brother and taking care of his younger sisters. Lachlan is such a caring kid and always there helping me when I’m in a crunch!

For more on my other kids and how I definitely think their personalities were shaped by the order in which they were born, watch my vlog!  And please tell me about your families!  Do you find that your children’s personalities have been shaped by their birth order?  Tell me about it!