How to Get Kids to do Chores

Hello Mamas!

We could all use a little bit of help sometimes, right? Make that ALL of the time! When your kids start growing up, it’s nice to get them more and more involved in family life. And this means helping you around the house. Keep watching for my helpful hints!

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Chores for Kids

Wondering how to get kids to do chores? This is a battle I have fought and lost many times. One thing that has worked for me is introducing age-appropriate chores one at a time and trying to make chores fun! For example, encouraging a toddler to take care of a new baby sibling with simple tasks like handing his mama a diaper or glass of water can give him a sense of being involved and important while introducing the notion of helping others.

How do you foster a spirit of children helping others in your home? What kinds of chores do you dole out? Do you use chore charts for kids? Comment below – this is something I still struggle with, so any advice is welcome!