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    Take help from all the people who offer it to you! They want to be useful, so let them! Keep a to do list where people can see it when they come to visit. That way you both will know what you need help with.


    I’m a first time Mom but I’ve had plenty of experience as a nanny for OPKs. Routines will help keep you organized! Routines with both with the baby and in your life will keep you sane. Get the baby started on a night time routine as soon as you get home. Even if they’re getting up to eat in the middle of the night if you accustom them to low voices and darkness at night and loud noises and bright lights during the day they will catch on to a sleeping schedule much quicker. To do lists are helpful in the beginning if you need reminders, but if you plan out what you need to do, and are consistant, it is easier for you and the baby. They begin to know what to expect and when, which allows you schedule other things than feeding, bathing and sleeping!

    My son slept in a rocking sling instead of a bassinet for the first 6 weeks. I discovered that the rocker fit into my bathroom and the sound of water is very relaxing and would transfix my little guy and he’d fall asleep. I’d feel awake and fresh after my shower so I figured what the heck! We got his first nap in while I took a shower…then I’d just slide the rocker out with me and I could do my hair and get dressed in peace and quiet!

    Think ahead. When you’re leaving the house what do you need? Bottles? Diapers? Wipes? Make a checklist. THink about having a disaster diaper kit. (disposable changing pad and dirty diaper baggie, diapers, wipes, hand sanitzer and a complete outfit change) all in 1 small, easy to carry bag that you can pull out of your diaper bag. The bulk of the diaper bag is cumbersome in bathrooms and some of those changing tables are a little sad as well…so you know that means to expect a diaper blowout in a restaurant. If you’re prepared though it’s not a big deal. If you’re a formula mom take at least 1 bottle, formula and a water bottle with you at all times, regardless of how long you think you’ll be gone. That one time you don’t, you will regret it.

    It gets easier the older they get…just concentrate on having fun with your new baby (the time goes WAY too fast!) Oh and take lots of photos!!

    Melissa Lawrence

    Great, great insights! Thank you so so much! xo Melissa

    Katie Morison

    Go easy on yourself, especially in the beginning!


    First bit of advice, if your mom offers to stay over for the first week, happily accept! Also, make sure everything you’ll need is within arm’s reach before you put the baby on the changing table. But most importantly, prep the nursery at least a month in advance. Our first child came 3 weeks early and we didn’t have everything ready yet. His first diaper change was this crazy, mixed up ordeal on our bed, and of course he caught us off-guard and showered a pee fountain all over the bed. We laugh about it now, but at the time it was all new to us and we struggled for a while to get our act together! It took a while but we got the hang of it, and now we are prepping for our second and feel much more prepared for it.


    Relax and take each day at a time. take advantage of sleep and sleep as often as possible. let people help you. let your family come over and play with the baby so you can take a shower, go get some Starbucks, or get some laundry done. if someone offers to help, let them. don’t snap at your partner because you think he doesn’t do enough and it’s all on you. chances are, if the baby is sleeping in your room, he gets woken up too but he may leave his eyes closed so he doesn’t get sucked into changing a diaper or finding the lanolin for your aching nipples. the best advice I can give, is just be grateful for your gift and make every day be wonderful!