Fighting In Front of Kids: Good or Bad?

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It happens to every couple with kids!  You try to keep the lid on the teapot but once it a while the whistle blows!  Either your tired and cranky and you fall into an argument, or you genuinely disagree about how something should be handled and you end up fighting in front of the kids.

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Fighting in Front of Children

Fighting in front of kids is a big issue.  Some people think it’s a big no no!  Others think kids need to have an accurate picture of what real life is like, and that parents shouldn’t shield them from the ups and downs of normal relationships!

In my house, we try to observe some basic ground rules like R-E-S-P-E-C-T (Thank you, Aretha).   We have our moments but we try to be polite and not raise our voices…Watch this video for more on what happens in my house.

So what about you?  Do you fall into fighting with your spouse in front of the kiddies and if so, what do you do?  Very important issue, please weigh in below!

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