Black Leather Jacket and Patent Pumps

Hiyya everyone. If you’ve been following my site for the past few months, you’ve probably come to realize that I don’t really get dressed on a daily basis.  Most days, I run my kids back and forth to school in yoga pants and boots and sit at the computer with no make-up on and my hair in a clip.

The exception to the rule is when I do get the chance to hit the town with my sweetie.  Now, with two kids in Middle School and three others to get to bed, we don’t get out nearly as regularly as we would like.  Nothing close to once a week, and barely once a month.

Over the past few months, though, we have been able to take two wonderful trips together.  And those trips have provided me with the opportunity to both dress up in outfits that were comfortable and I hope fashionable, and to have CloudMom’s resident photographer right on hand to snap away for our weekly fashion post.

Last week, Marc attended a conference in London and I tagged along.  For the first cocktail party, I sported a black cropped leather jacket by Sandro, black leggings, a black and gold speckled loose fitting t-shirt by Zadig & Voltaire, and black patent pumps.  Let’s just say I didn’t fit in too well with the lawyers in the crowd with this cocktail party attire, but so be it.  I felt comfy, funky and happy to be breaking out of my daily rut of yoga pants and tank tops.

how to wear a leather jacket

Although I deliberated over this jacket for quite a while before buying it, now I am so happy I did because it has proved versatile.  There are so many options when it comes to how to wear a leather jacket that it can really be a wardrobe staple. I’ve worn it over dresses, with long loose tops underneath, and with tank tops and jeans.  Short jackets are great for that because unlike longer ones, they truly become part of your outfit.

cocktail party attire

In London, these classic phone booths still appear on the street.  I wasn’t really making a call.  I just wanted Marc to get the cool, red phone booth in the picture — ha ha.

cropped leather jacket

black patent pumps

After an hour at our cocktail party, we headed out for a traditional English dinner and collapsed into bed after a short night out in London, so wiped out given the jet-lag.

Thanks so much for reading and check back in next week for another fashion post from London!

Melissa xx

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