Barcelona with Kids: History and Chocolate Plus GIVEAWAY

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Hello my dears.  Well, it’s Friday so here I am with my first travel video of the summer.  I’m so proud to be getting this one out on time because it’s been a hectic week.  Teary and tired from a bug, Marielle woke up three times last night sobbing that she had a sore throat!  Then I awoke early to pack for the beach.  We are taking a bus to the Costa Brava today for the weekend.  So thrilled to see the coastline here for the first time.

Barcelona with kids

Anyway, today’s video includes our first two days of touring here in Barcelona.  With crisp, bright, sunny days, the stage was set for some new discoveries for my family.

Tell me what part of our visits you liked the best and enter to win a $50 Godiva gift card!!  Yum yum!

Two Amazing Attractions in Barcelona

First up, the Museum of the History of Barcelona.  During our visit last summer, we were so drawn in by all the Gaudi sites that this Museum did not pop out to us.  This year, being less focused on the main attractions in Barcelona, we are digging our heels deeper into the nooks of the city.  I’m learning more in more that the key to traveling with kids is finding the things that excite them, which certainly happened here since my boys love history.  Watch my video to see my kids’ surprise at witnessing the remains of actual Roman houses.  In one ruin, a gorgeous mosaic tile floor looks as if it were just installed.  That we can bear witness to history that is 2000 years old amazes me, and my kids too, especially since in the U.S. our historical monuments don’t stretch back so far.

Visiting the Museum of the History of Barcelona with kids

Although on visits like this, I never think that my kids soak up everything, I’m hoping that they are left with a bigger sense of history and their own place in it.  My main goal is to instill in them that curiosity to discover new places and new things that gives me so such a thrill.  With some big thumbs up on our way out of this this Museum, we agreed that our visit was a success.

Barcelona History Museum and kids

Next up: The Chocolate Museum of Barcelona.  The early part of this lovely place explains how chocolate began as a bitter, medicinal drink among the Mayan people of Mexico. Spain conquistadors discovered it and brought it back to Spain.  Once some Mexica nuns discovered that you could mix chocolate with sugar or honey for a delectable taste, chocolate took off internationally, becoming the world wide phenomenon it remains today.  Having been gifted a chocolate bar with their entry code, my kids found this Museum to be a very special place and vowed to return.  The Lionel Messi chocolate sculpture surrounded by white chocolate soccer balls proved a highpoint.
chocolate bars with entry code

Barcelona Museum candy store and kids

And in honor of chocolate, we’re giving one lucky mama or papa a Godiva gift card this week.  But you have to tell me what part of our visits you liked the best — ha ha!  Gotcha!

Please take a look at my video with moments from these special two days, and let me know what y’all think.  And tune in next week for another travel video from Spain.

Adiós!  Besos (KISSES) xoxoxo


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